Below are some examples of how people use PlaceChat.

Today 15:03

Hi again! I'm looking for a size 10 in these.

Do you have any in stock?

Read 15:05

We’ll have a quick look..

Hey. We don’t but our store in Hillcrest does. Do you want us to ask them to keep a pair aside for you, or would you like us to get them to deliver here?

via Agent 15:10

Please can you get them delivered - then I can walk to try them on..

Cool. They should be here tomorrow. We’ll let you know as soon as they’re in.

Awesome. See you tomorrow then.

Yep, see you tomorrow!

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Tuesday 08:32

You guys got a gap in the next few hours?

Yo! Unfortunately not - it’s chock a block with school kids coming in for back to school cuts. Why don’t we make an appointment for next week sometime. Anytime suit you?


Ah man. You guys are the best so next week it’ll have to be. Tuesday 9am?


Thanks man. Tuesday 9am is good for us. You’re booked for one classical cut man!

Voucher: R 50 off NTB-889-12B-12GH

Here’s a voucher for being awesome.

Awesome - thank you.

No worries. See you Tuesday.

Places can get to know you, sometime even better than yourself.

4 days ago 09:58

Hi there. It’s our 15th anniversary today. What you got?

Read 10:05

Which would you prefer?

Wow. First one is gorgeous. I’ll pick up on the way home. You close at 6pm right?

Superb. And yes we close at 6. Shall we add a box of chocolates for you? We have those Lindt Chilli Chocolate slabs that your wife raved about last time.


Ah - yes please! I forgot about those. See you just before 6!


It's not just one way conversations with PlaceChat. Your places can initiate all kinds of wonderful conversations. Have a look below.

Today 12:36

Hi Samantha. We’re still waiting for your size in that blue summer dress, but we’ve just got a few new dresses in today, which you may like more.

We’ve kept these aside for you - let us know if you’re interested.

Aw, thank you. They’re beautiful. I’ll come in over the weekend to try them on.

Read 14:24

Perfect. Enjoy the rest of your week and see you on the weekend.

Thanks. You too!

Yesterday 07:30

Hey hey hey! Fresh bread just come out the oven.

I’m there! Save me a dozen please. I’ll pay now.

Payment: R R75 Paid 12 Jan 15

There we go.

Oh my I’m so hungry!

Well, your dozen is packed and waiting for you.


2 Days ago 11:42 am

Hey Simon. We’ve just got some new Specialized Mountain bike tires. They’re not on the shelf yet. You may want to come have a peek.

What! Are they the Purgatory Grids?

Heck Yeah!

I’ll be there in like an hour. Thanks for the heads up. The guys are gonna be so jealous.

We know. See you just now.

When in doubt, just ask PlaceChat directly.

Today 17:58

Hey. I’m a new here, and looking for some vegan food. Do you know of any good places?

Read 18:10

Of course! What are you willing to spend on a meal? I have a few options. From R50 to R120 a meal.

I don’t mind. What’s closest? I can try them all, as I’m in Cape Town for a few days.

Well, let’s start with Plant Café. It’s about 2km from where you currently are. Is this where you’ll be staying for the next few days?

Yeah. Sounds great.

Plant Café
Vegan restaurant offering breakfast such as power oatmeal and tofu scramble wrap; lunch burger, wrap, and a buddha box of tofu...
Visit website.
View Map.

What I’ll do is send you a new place everyday if you like?

That would be great - thanks.

No problem. If there’s anything else that you’d like a hand with in Cape Town, let us know.