How it works

And why it works.

Dealing with Places

When last did interacting with a place leave you with a smile on your dial? We know you hate phoning, emailing, filling in contact forms and searching for info online. There’s a better way to communicate though.

The natural Way

Not a day goes by where we don’t use Instant messaging to communicate. It’s the interface we use everyday. Kids use it. Grannies use it. We all use it. It’s comfortable, simple and natural. And now you can use it to interact with places. You actually already know how to use PlaceChat!

The Best response

Places listed on PlaceChat offer quick, contextual and accurate responses. Sometimes a robot answers easy questions, other times it’s someone who works for the place, and other times it’s a PlaceChat agent. Chat to a place like you’d chat to your friends. No more sad faces.

Chat Extended

But what do I chat about? Ask prices, check opening times, make bookings, check sizes, ask for photos, postpone your appointment, be notified when the bread is hot out the oven. We’re sure you’ll get the hang of it.

See a few examples.